Maria & me carrying Vadim upstairs

Our Mission

The Give a Chance Foundation is a Dutch non-profit organization dedicated to supporting families with disabled children who have been forced to flee their homes.

Our goal is to help these families rebuild their lives and provide them with the resources they need to care for their loved ones. We provide rehabilitation therapy, support mothers in finding online employment, and cover living expenses such as rent, groceries, and transportation.

Donate to Ukraine families, and give them the chance to start a new life. With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of those who have lost their safety, security, and future. Every donation, no matter how small, will make a significant impact on their ability to access the care and support they need.

What We Do

At this moment we focus all our energy on helping Maria & Vadim find a new home and continue his rehabilitation therapy.

Vadim & Maria

I am currently focused on Vadim, a 14-year-old boy who recently underwent spinal surgery after being injured last June.

His mother, Maria, has done everything in her power to ensure that Vadim receives the best treatment possible. She sold most of their possessions, took out a bank loan, and even moved to Lviv with her family to access the best medical care for Vadim.

Vadim’s therapy sessions have been successful, but unfortunately, Maria is struggling to keep up with the expenses. 

Maria, can’t work because she needs to take care of her son 24/7 which is why she is struggling to keep up with the costs of his therapy and the family will soon lose their home. 

Vadim and his sister
Me and Vadim - Donate To Ukraine Today

We Need €15,000

I am asking for donations to help pay for Vadim’s therapy, and rent a new apartment for Maria and her children. We will also provide them with all the necessities for 1 year.

Please donate to Ukraine now and Give a Chance to Maria and Vadim to start a new life.

Your donation will bring hope and support after they lost it all.

Impact Levels



With your support, we can also help Maria find remote work.
She just needs to follow some courses to get familiar with the tools and software needed to get a job that she could do from home.

We need your help to raise the funds necessary to provide the following for Vadim and his family:

  • Rent an apartment for 1 year – including furniture and utilities
  • 1 year of therapy in the rehabilitation center, including transportation
  • 1 year’s worth of diapers
  • 1 year of groceries



If we receive €60,000 in donations, we can help 4 families. Wesley is in contact with many families who had to leave their homes and are in similar situations as Maria and Vadim.

Your donation will bring much-needed hope and support to those who have been stripped of their safety, security, and future. Please donate now and be a part of our mission to give these families a chance to start again



If we are successful in raising 130,000 euros, we can go one step further and help 4 families, and even buy a van to transport all the children and their mothers. This includes hiring a driver for 1 year. 

Additionally, we will use the van and driver to bring other children with disabilities to the rehabilitation center.

Common questions

Give a Chance Logo

Upon exceeding the 15,000 euro donation mark, updates about the other families supported by Give a Chance Foundation will be shared. Additionally, donors will have the option to specify where their contribution should be directed.

Upon completion of your donation, you will receive a confirmation email. In case you do not receive the email at the provided address, please reach out to us via our contact form.

Currently, the option for recurring donations is not available, but it will be implemented soon.

We can’t wait for you to volunteer or get involved with the Give a Chance Foundation. Please contact us through our contact form here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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